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Vegan Gluten-Free Vanilla Wafers…

Stacks of sweet and crisp Vegan Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers perched on a vintage scale

Did you ever eat vanilla wafers as a kid? You know I did. They were a favorite in our house, especially for snacking, dipping in milk, and layering in things like banana cream pie and pudding. Mmm, pudding.

As you might’ve guessed, I’ve recreated this childhood classic with real, whole food ingredients so they’re now vegan and gluten-free! Let’s do this!

Mixing gluten-free flour into wet ingredients for easy homemade gluten-free Vanilla Wafers

This 9-ingredient recipe starts with a mix of organic cane sugar (or coconut sugar), coconut oil, and a hefty pour of vanilla. I relied on aquafaba for an egg replacer that is colorless, helps bind, and also contributes to a little rise when baking.

For flours, I went with a mix of almond flour, guten-free flour blend, and cornstarch (or arrowroot starch). This keeps the cookies light and provides a slight crunch.

Mixing bowl with freshly stirred Vegan Gluten Free Vanilla Wafer dough

Once you roll out your dough, simply cut into tiny circles (35 to be exact) and bake until crisp and slightly golden brown.

Using a small round cookie cutter to create vanilla wafers shapesParchment-lined baking sheet with a batch of our Vegan Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers recipe