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Upgrade Your BOD Workouts With These 6 Apple Watch Updates…

We are proud to announce Beachbody On Demand version 2.7 for our iOS and tvOS apps,  which you can find in the App Store. We’ve been hard at work to improve workout tracking within the app, and have made significant improvements to the BOD app for Apple Watch. In this post, we’ll talk you through the changes we’ve made to improve tracking your fitness data within the app.

What’s New for Watch 2.0

apple watch 2.0

Track All Programs

We’ve redesigned the Apple Watch app to allow you to access and track the entire Beachbody On Demand library right from your wrist. This means that you don’t have to start a video on the iPhone app in order to track a workout that’s not part of the Challenge Du Jour.

Experience Smoother Transitions

We’ve also added some animations and other smaller tweaks to make transitions within the Apple Watch app much smoother than before.

Quick-Start Recently Tracked Programs

Once you’ve tracked a workout, that program will appear right at the top of the program list so you don’t have to go hunting for it.

Auto-Start Apple Watch When a Video Starts on iPhone

Whenever you start a Beachbody On Demand video on your iPhone, a paired Apple Watch with the BOD Apple Watch app installed will wake up and ask you if you want to track the workout you’re about to do. No need to do duplicative effort; the iPhone will tell the Apple Watch to shortcut you into the core tracking experience.

apple watch 2.0

Use Apple Watch to Track Workouts on Other Devices

The Apple Watch app no longer requires a video to be playing on the iPhone in order to track your heart rate and calorie data. This means that you can select the workout you want to track on your Apple Watch and use it in conjunction with a video streaming on any device where Beachbody On Demand is available.

Improved Stability

In order to improve the stability and integrity of your data during workouts, heart rate and calorie information from your Apple Watch will no longer appear in the onscreen overlays. Apple Watch-driven overlays — while a great concept — required too much technical complexity to run as smoothly as is expected for a fitness tracker. As such, this app is rebuilt to do the thing our customers want most: track Beachbody workouts right from their wrists.

apple watch 2.0

Looking Ahead

We have many new things on the road map that we’re excited to show you: Reminders, Push Notifications, and some fun integrations that we know you’ll love. Stay tuned!

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