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Top 7 Tips for Transitioning to a Raw Food Diet…

Rough Transcription:

1. Clean House – When we are hungry we become less discerning and will grab whatever is around so it is important to build an environment that will support the diet you want. Donate food you don’t want to be eating and welcome in an abundance of your favorite produce. Pick foods you are excited about and make sure to get enough to meet your caloric needs.

2. Self Talk – Be reasonable and know yourself and your tendencies. Be patient and compassionate and mindful of the self talk that arises when you face dietary related challenges.
3. Friends – If you are surrounded by people who would likely not understand your new choice, don’t mention it. It is enough for yourself to take on these new habits, let alone the hassle of trying to explain it to everyone. Transitioning can be a very vulnerable time where although you are excited, you might not have the confidence that comes with experience on the diet. Allow the results to speak for themselves. In the meantime, you want to be gaining a supportive raw vegan community.  Try finding potlucks or fruitlucks on; check out 30BananasaDay for other fruit fans in your area; mingle at farmers markets or your local Raw Food Cafe; or sign up for any of the world wide fruit festivals.4. Education – Learn about common pitfalls to avoid. (I have two videos that go over the Top 15 Mistakes Beginners Make on a Raw Food Diet.) Learn from others who have gone before you, but don’t take any one person’s word as gospel. Your body and your power should never be given up to a doctor or a “guru” or any other another person. Be your own researcher. Experiment and be as objective as possible about your results, as this will cement a trust and understanding of your own experience.

5. Fruit Exploration – It is so important to learn about what makes each fruit good, ripe and tasty. Learn how to use all your senses when picking fruit. Research online, ask your fruity friends or inquire with your produce vendor. Keep trying new fruits, because you really don’t know what you are missing. Most people just don’t know how good fruit can be!

6. Simple Kitchen Tools – Food texture is such a significant part of our eating experience. It really adds that extra excitement to our meals. Utilizing texture is a must for those transitioning from stimulant heavy cooked food dishes to a simpler raw vegan diet. There are a two tools that I recommend because they are inexpensive, easy to use and can go a long way. A blender will give you access to smoothies, icecreams, soups, dressings, sauces and dips. And a julienne peeler or spiralizer will bring new texture to your salads and allow you to turn vegetables like cucumbers and zucchinis into noodles! Equipment like food processors, juicers, dehydrators and fancy bowls are fun, but secondary.

7. Go-To Alternatives to Cooked Favorites – Have alternatives to your favorite cooked foods. Mainly this will mean fruit for any sweet cravings and veggies for any salty cravings. The ebooks I’ve made that have over a hundred recipes that work to satisfy cooked food cravings without the repercussions of physical illness or emotional guilt.

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