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THREE Mashed Potatoes Recipes! Hilah Cooking…

Three mashed potato recipes in one video! Tips on how to make the best classic fluffy mashed potatoes, jalapeño cheese mashed potatoes and horseradish-dill mashed potatoes. Mashed potato tips below. Printable recipe at

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Mashed Potato tips:
1. Use a starchy potato like Russet or Yukon Gold (not red potatoes or fingerlings). Starchy potatoes can absorb more cream and butter and make fluffy mashed potatoes
2. Boil potatoes until soft and then DRY them. Drain well and then put back into the pot over low heat until all the extra water has evaporated. This should just take a few seconds. If your potatoes aren’t drained well, you’ll end up with watery, bland mashed potatoes
3. Use a potato ricer for maximum fluffiness and smoothness; use a potato masher or bean masher if you like chunky mashed potatoes
4. Use heavy cream or half-and-half for rich, creamy potatoes like you get at fancy steakhouses. Whole milk, light sour cream, or plain yogurt work well if you want to reduce the fat.
5. Add a couple of peeled garlic cloves to the boiling water and mash them up with the potatoes because it tastes good

And since I LOVE tips, here’s two to help you do some of the work ahead of time:

1. Peel potatoes up to 2 days in advance and store covered with water in the fridge. The water prevents oxidizing and turning brown and if you store them in the pot, then you can go straight from fridge to stove!
2. Boil potatoes before serving time. When tender, turn off heat but leave pot covered. The potatoes will stay very hot for up to 30 minutes. Just drain and mash when you are ready.

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