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MY TOP 3 HEALTHY (but delicious) SMOOTHIE RECIPES! |JessBrooke…

I wanted to do a recipe video, and what better one to start with than a smoothie recipe video, right? Because who doesn’t love smoothies! I like to make mine healthy (most of the time) by adding a little bit of veggies to them, of course it’s a personal preference and you can make most of these without the veggies and they’d taste amazing! You can adjust the amount of veggies in these to your liking, and then… slurp away! :) Hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do!
*Tropical Surprise
-1 cup tropical fruits
-1 ripe banana
-Your choice of greens
-1-2 tablespoons ground flax seed
-Almond Milk
*Berry Kalerific
-1 cup berries
-1 ripe banana
-Your choice of greens (I use frozen kale)
-Almond Milk
*Carrot Apple Gingeryum
-1 apple (chopped)
-1-2 carrots (peeled and chopped)
-1 inch of cut ginger


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