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Level 2: How top-earning health and fitness coaches save time, in…

Everyone in health and fitness eventually hits the same wall: Time. Specifically, they run out of it. They start feeling like there aren’t enough hours to coach clients, manage their businesses, and keep an eye on growth.

How do top coaches save time, increase their effectiveness, and work on their own terms? With very specific strategies. In this article, I’ll cover those strategies. I’ll also share the training and tools that are helping thousands of coaches change the game in terms of time management and work flexibility.


Today’s article is really exciting because I’m going to cover something that every single person working in health and fitness (or who wants to work in health and fitness) needs to know.

I’ll cover how to:

  • Take stock of what you spend time on in your business.
  • Weed out low-value, annoying activities.
  • Increase the time you spend on lucrative and fulfilling tasks.

And, in doing so, I’ll show you how you can coach more clients, more effectively; make more money; and have more time off.

Before digging in, however, I wanted to let you know that the most effective, practical, and elite coach development program in the world — the Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certification — is opening very soon.

Our highest rated (and most revered) program, the Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certification gives exclusive training, mentorship, and coaching practice under the guidance of the Precision Nutrition team — resulting in a more rewarding, sustainable, and profitable business for you.

The Level 2 Certification gives you strategies for solving complex coaching challenges so you can do your job with confidence, grow your business while working fewer hours, get the best results, and live life on your own terms.

What’s more, our research shows that while our Level 1 Certification graduates emerge as industry leaders, the average Level 2 graduate:

  • gets more clients than the average Level 1 coach,
  • retains more clients than the average Level 1 coach,
  • gets better results with those clients, and
  • reports more fun and enjoyment in their coaching practice.

Indeed, as amazing as our Level 1 certified coaches are, recent ProCoach data with nearly 100,000 clients shows that Level 2 certified coaches have 10 times(!) the retention vs. Level 1 coaches.

To learn more about the Level 2 program, check out this video.