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Lean Diet Tips…

Going lean means losing fat/weight and maintaining muscle mass of the body. Only this kind of weight loss is sustainable in the long run otherwise when people follow very strict diets and reduce their calorie intake to drastic levels, they tend to lose water and muscle mass, leading to rebound weight gain in near future.

In order to lose fat from the body, one needs to consume foods high in protein, moderate in carbs and low on good fats. Here we would like to bring to your notice some tips for gaining lean muscle mass and losing excess weight from the body.
Lean Diet Tips
00:00:13 Go High On Protein
00:01:48 Eat Only Complex Carbohydrates
00:03:11 Eat Three Big And Two Small Meals In A Day
00:03:56 Include Healthy Fats
00:05:00 Drink Adequate Amount Of Water Through Out The Day


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