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Lean Bulk Shopping | Foods for Muscle Growth | Bulking Diet Tips…

Time for some lean bulk shopping! In this video, you’ll see which foods I buy for building muscle in the lean gaining phase.

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A lot of you guys asked me what my diet currently looks like on this lean gaining phase and that’s what you will see in this video.

Full list of foods from this shopping trip separated by the dominant macronutrient:

Protein Sources:
Greek Yogurt 0% Fat
Lean Beef
Cottage Cheese 1% Fat

Red Bell Peppers
Orange Bell Peppers

Carbohydrate Sources:
Green Apples

Fat Sources:
85% Dark Chocolate

These foods are by no means the only choices that promote muscle growth or that these foods have some unique properties that result in more muscle gains.

At the end of the day, you should have your list of the foods you like to eat and base your diet around that.

Personal preferences such as taste, texture, and type of food will differ, and that’s normal. And it’s important to take this into consideration with your nutrition.

My current macros are 3100 kcal split into:

~155 grams of protein
~310 grams of carbohydrates
~135 grams of fat

Minimum 45 grams of fiber

Keep in mind that these are not some magical macros that will work for everyone. For me, it works when I have a lot of fat in the diet because it’s easier to consume the calories and I love to eat a lot of chocolate :)

On the 3100 Calories per day intake, I’m not gaining a lot of weight on a weekly basis. It’s going up very controlled which is what I expected with training 2+ hours 6 days of the week.

Overall, 95% of the food I consume would be considered healthy except 2-3 times per week when I eat out. (Typically on Friday and Saturday).

Every Sunday I do a Protein Sparing Modified Fast day at 1100 Calories which you can learn more about at

Strength is slowly increasing in the gym, and the body fat is staying the same which is the primary goal of the diet.

The goal is to lean bulk for a whole year, and if I end up gaining too much body fat, I can always go for a mini-cut.

You can see how much current physique looks like at

Everything is being tracked with a caliper and a body-weight scale to make sure it’s a slow controlled bulk.

Book recommendations that lead me to limit grain consumption to only 2-3 times per week. (When eating out)
Whole Grains, Empty Promises by Anthony Colpo

Keep in mind that I don’t have anything against grain consumption in general, it is just the way grains are used in the modern world without proper soaking and preparation that results in the removal of a lot of positive effects on health.

Fermented and soaked grains, lentils and nuts are excellent sources of nutrition. You can learn more about this preparation process at

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Talk soon, Mario

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