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Candida Cleanse Tips | DIET, LIFESTYLE + SUPPLEMENTS. I know the candida struggle very well. I did a 3 month candida cleanse from March – May 2017 this year and jumped way too fast back to sugar which made me relapse.

I am starting my second candida cleanse on Sept 11th, 2017 and I share with you how I am going to approach this cleanse! Using my knowledge of the body, experience from my previous candida cleanse and listening to my intuition.

THERE IS NOT A ONE SIZE FITS ALL FOR ANY TYPE OF DIET. I share my experience and hope it inspires you to find what is best for you.

My candida cleanse part 2 plan:
1. Diet = High carb (coming from non-starchy vegetables and low glycemic fruits), Moderate protein, moderate fat. I am also eliminating: Cocoa products, stevia and decaf coffee.
2. Lifestyle = Stress management by meditating for 10 minutes and practicing inversions for 1 minute every morning.
3. Supplements = Antifungals, probiotics, zinc, B + D vitamins, fish oil and multi vitamins.

I will be sharing my candida cleanse experience. Stay tuned!

My Candida Story:

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We are all in this circle of life together. I’m here to inspire bravery, happiness, wellness, love and #keepingitreal along the way 😊


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