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A cornerstone of following a Paleo diet is to consume sustainable, naturally-fed animal products. Purchasing these products at your local grocery store is not always possible and, when it is, it seems way more expensive than it should be! That’s where ButcherBox comes in – they provide 100% grass-fed beef, organic/pastured chicken, and Heritage Breed pork delivered (they offer free 2 – 5 day delivery to the contiguous 48 states) on your schedule for less than $6.50 per meal. All of their products are antibiotic and hormone free.

Their beef is exactly the way nature intended and sourced from a collection of small grass-fed farms. It’s of the utmost quality and tastes incredible. Their steak even won a blind taste test cook off with the Today Show in 2015. The meat is flash frozen at the peak of freshness, packed with dry ice, and shipped directly to your door. You can choose from four different types of boxes, all including their amazing grass-fed beef. You can also change your box type anytime. While ButcherBox is a monthly membership service, you can adjust your frequency to receive a box every other month or every three months. You can also cancel anytime.

We at have now partnered with ButcherBox to allow you, reader, to try this exceptional service with an exclusive special promotion. Using the link below and the code “paleodiet10” (case sensitive, one word), you will receive two free 10 oz. NY Strips plus $10 off your order. We are excited to provide you with this opportunity and hope you enjoy the meats as much as we do. If you like them, feel free to share the offer with your friends and family, and share your feedback on our social media.

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