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Ballet Feet Exercises…

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Here’s an updated foot workout and stretch video :) This one is a bit more ballet styled and includes a few more of my favorite exercises. They are gentle exercises and stretches you can do everyday to improve your foot flexibility and strength as well as prevent injury and improve your posture, balance, and health overall. Maintaining healthy fit feet is crucial to your health! Take care of your feet, they do a lot for you… like allow you to stand and walk! haha :)
If you’re here just to improve the look of your feet for dance, that’s fine too! Nicely pointed feet will lengthen your lines! :) I will say that having good arches for dance comes easier when you have the right genes for it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve the look of your own feet. My feet would not be nearly as good if I didn’t work them out and stretch them every single day. Just don’t forget about them :) I have worked hard to improve my feet and have always been keen on having higher arches for ballet. But please be careful, don’t overwork them :)


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