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3 Fitness Results You Can Get From an MMA Workout…

How did you work out today? Cycling class? Weights? A walk with your BFF (best furry friend)? Maybe some sun salutations? Squeezing in exercise and finding the right mix from day to day and week to week can be a challenge. Let’s be honest, sometimes you’re happy to manage any sweat time among life’s deadlines and craziness.

Others strive to check off the trifecta of fitness: cardio, resistance, and flexibility training. This is what groups like the Centers for Disease Control and American College of Sports Medicine like you to focus on to maximize your health and help with weight loss. Nothing to argue with there. Getting those three elements in on the regular will help make you healthier and fitter.

But if you’re among those who throw around the “A” word (athlete) when referring to yourself, there’s more to it. Skills like power, speed, agility, coordination, reaction time, and balance enhance your fitness, athletic ability, and performance. You won’t get all that on the elliptical or in barre class—but you can in mixed martial arts (MMA).

“It challenges your body in so many more ways than ‘traditional’ workouts do,” says Super Trainer Joel Freeman, co-creator of Core De Force, Beachbody’s MMA-inspired program. “You’re moving in all planes of motion, coordinating kicks and punches, transitioning between the floor and standing, and working on speed and balance.”

That trains your nervous system and makes you faster and more agile. But it also translates into extra calories burned, stronger muscles, and less fat.


3 Skills You Can Get From an MMA Workout

Let’s take a closer look at three specific athletic skills you can expect to develop during an MMA-style workout and a corresponding move that can help you get them.


Plyometrics—eruptive jumping or bounding moves—are an excellent way to train your muscles to work quicker and more powerfully. “Plyo work targets your fast-twitch muscle fibers and prompts your muscles to produce more force,” says Freeman. It’s like hitting the turbo button on your workout, and boy does it spike your heart rate.

Core De Force move to try: Ground-to-fighter stance*