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भाजणीची कुरकुरीत चकली /Recipe in Marathi/crispy/ Tasty/Diwali Sna…

Bhajnichi Kurkurit Chakli is snack recipe especially made during diwali.
Maharashtrian special Bhajnichi chakli.

Bhajni flour 250 gms
salt as per taste
red chilli powder 2tsp
sesame seeds 2 tsp

heat 1tsp oil in pan. once heated,switch off the flame. cool
it completely.once oil is cool, pour one and half glass of water
in it.Switch on the flame,add red chilli powder,salt and sesame
seeds. Bring it to boil, add flour in it. Mix well and cook
for 2 minutes. switch off the flame and cocer with lid for
3 to 4 mins.
take the cook bhajani in plate, add some water and knead
into soft dough.divide the dough and fill one portion in
chakli mould. press the mould and make chaklis. once chakalis
are ready,deep fry in oil. Heat oil in pan, once heated,
fry the chaklis on medium flame. fry for 3 to 4 mins ,then
flip and fry on other side. once all chakalis are fried,
cool it completely and then keep in air tight container.
Tips- heat oil properly , and then fry chakalis on mudium flame,
till it becomes brown. while frying when bubbles stop it means your chakali is fried properly.
if chakali is not fried properly it will remains soft and uncooked inside.

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